Port Canaveral Limo

Port Canaveral Limo

When it comes to the best limo service to Port Canaveral, look no further than Orlando Chauffeured Services to show you and your family a ride that will leave you talking about for years to come.


Dropping off at Port Canaveral can generally take about 15 to 30 minutes while porters are assisting all arriving commercial vehicles and shuttles to drop off passengers and load their luggage onto the luggage carts. While waiting at Port Canaveral to exit the limousine, you and your family can stay comfortably enjoying your own music or a movie while enjoying the ice-cold air conditioning and sipping on the complimentary ice-cold waters provided for your limo ride.

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Luxurious and Convenient Transportation to Port Canaveral

If you're looking for a luxurious and convenient transportation option to Port Canaveral, consider renting a black car or limousine service. These services typically offer a private and comfortable ride to Port Canaveral from MCO. The prices for black car or limousine services varies depending on availability and the specific vehicle you choose.
It's important to note that Uber availability in Cape Canaveral can be limited, so it's advisable to explore alternative transportation options if you prefer rideshare services.
The duration of the ride from MCO to Port Canaveral usually takes around an hour, depending on traffic conditions.
If you're traveling to Port Canaveral for a cruise, you should inquire about the boarding time from the cruise line or check their website for specific instructions. Additionally, the time it takes to disembark from a cruise ship after docking can vary, so it's best to check with the cruise line for the most accurate information.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the closest major airport to Port Canaveral, specifically to the Carnival Cruise Terminal. Flying into MCO is often the most convenient option for accessing Port Canaveral.
Lastly, if you're staying at a hotel within 3 miles of Orlando Airport, there is usually a free shuttle service provided by the hotel to transport guests to and from the airport.

Remember to contact the transportation providers directly to inquire about specific details, availability, and pricing to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey to and from Port Canaveral.

When it comes to a cruise vacation sailing from Port Canaveral, there are different transportation options available for individuals and families. The most common option for single travelers or couples is shared-ride shuttle services, which combine small groups of passengers from designated pick-up locations at Orlando Airport at designated times and transport them to the different cruise ships sailing out of Port Canaveral. Rates for shared-ride cruise ship shuttles start at $30 per person one-way and can go up to $70 per person one-way. This is the most affordable way to travel if you are not concerned with the type of vehicle or service that you will be receiving.

The next most popular transportation option for passengers looking to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral is a private economic transportation service. These services can be arranged at rates starting as low as $125 for a standard sedan and can range up to $250 for a luxury sedan. There are different size vehicles and services available for passengers searching for private transportation services from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. When it comes to private transportation services, we suggest that passengers contact the company that they are interested in scheduling for services and verify that they are properly permitted to be able to drop you off at your cruise without any issues.

There are also Uber and Lyft shared-ride services that can be hailed using the ride-share apps for a vehicle by passengers that are in need of transportation and did not pre-arrange any Port Canaveral transportation services.

Transportation services from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral can be pre-arranged in advance to ensure that your ride is awaiting your arrival at Orlando Airport and ready to transport your family to your cruise terminal destination to board your cruise ship and let the fun times begin. When it comes to selecting the type of transportation that is right for you, we suggest that you weigh out all your options.

  • Shared ride shuttle cruise transportation is one of the most affordable and cheapest ways to get to Port Canaveral, with rates ranging from $20 per person to $40 per person each way. These shared ride shuttles are usually operated by companies using large 55-passenger motor coaches, fully loaded and with multiple stops at Port Canaveral to drop off passengers.
  • There are also smaller shared ride shuttle van services that are also operated at a per-person rate starting at $25 per person and up to $50 per person each way. These shared ride shuttles are more convenient as the vans used are usually no larger than 10 to 14 passengers and can usually be completely full from Orlando Airport to cruise ships at Port Canaveral without having to stop at multiple different ships. The only negative aspect of the smaller van is that there could be issues with luggage, as there is no control of how many luggage any passengers may bring, and there may not be enough room for all travelers' suitcases.
  • There is the Uber and Lyft app service that can be hailed on demand at the Orlando Airport for those travelers who choose to just go with the flow and hail a car or minivan from the airport to transport them to their cruise destination. This option is generally a popular option used by savvy travelers who are trying to save money and travel at their own convenience. This option could be a stress-free option if you get an experienced driver who has the correct credentials to drop off at Port Canaveral. However, if you happen to get an inexperienced or unlicensed driver, you may run into issues with getting to your cruise ship or the driver even being allowed to drop off at your cruise ship.
  • The traditional taxi service can be picked up from Level 2 and Level 1 at Orlando Airport and used by passengers looking to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral in a taxi. Taxi services do not require to be pre-arranged and can range between $175 to $350 for the 50-minute journey between Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral.
  • Pre-arranged ground transportation is usually used by travel agents and families who like to pre-plan and be certain that their trip from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral is scheduled in advance. The driver will monitor your flight and assist you with your luggage at your baggage claim to escort you to your vehicle and directly to your cruise ship. Pre-arranged ground transportation services for a party of 2 with 2 suitcases have rates starting as low as $200 to $400 each way in a clean, late-model luxury vehicle. Ground transportation services can accommodate any group size, as there are different size vehicles available to accommodate from 1 passenger to 50 passengers.
  • For families who choose to enhance their cruise vacation, they seek out a pre-arranged limousine service from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. Limousine service from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral is custom designed with all the amenities of a clean, late-model luxurious limousine and a professional chauffeur. Clients can have a custom group name on their "meet and greet" name board for their family or group to take a picture with their chauffeur when they are greeted at the Orlando Airport baggage claim. Limousine services can assist you with adding any of your favorite drinks and snacks to enhance the experience and make the 50-minute journey between Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral a breeze. Stretch limousines are the ultimate transportation option for enhancing any event and creating an experience that will be remembered for years to come.

When choosing the best service category for your family's cruise vacation, make sure you weigh out all your options and decide if you are looking to save money by traveling with a shared ride shuttle service or if you are looking to enhance your experience by pre-arranging your Port Canaveral limousine service.